Bourjois Colorband crayons

Ever since I started been interested in makeup as a young one I have been a Bourjois fan. Bourjois is simply part of my makeup history and can do no wrong as far as I am concerned…Recently they have come up with a wonderful range of 2-in-1 crayons which deliver long lasting and intense colours with incredible ease. They can be used just as a shadow which blends easily with your finger and double up as liners to accentuate the effect. As they are quite chunky they can simply just be used as eye liners when applied close to the lash line. For a subtle effect you can blend it with a liner brush to help create a neat line. They blend together very well together too. My only worry is to sharpen them as I find chunky pencils can break in the process.

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Bourjois Colorband Crayons

photo They are 6 colours and from my swatches from left to right.

1. Noir Abstrait 01

2. Gris Graffiti 06

3. Brun Dadaiste 02

4. Mauve Baroque 05

5. Beige Minimaliste 03

6. Rose Fauviste 04

Each colour has quite a subtle shimmery effect apart from the intense black. They are highly pigmented. My favourite shades are Gris, Brun and Rose but all colours are really lovely and a dream to work with. Go easy with the black as it is a pretty intense shade.  They are smudge proof, waterproof and 24 h long lasting product so you will need a decent eye makeup cleanser to remove it at the end of your day. Colorband crayons cost £ 5.99 which is a very reasonable price for such a high quality product.

AM xx

Bourjois Color Band Crayons



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