Lucy Liu

 Lucy Liu is unique. Born in Queens, New York, from Taiwanese parents, the American actress is never the less very Chinese. She graduated in oriental languages and culture, speaks Mandarin fluently and even now her image seems inseparable from a certain cerebrality. After studying dance, singing and theatre, the exotic Lucy leaves for Los Angeles […]

Lucy Liu

Beautiful Babe Paley

  Born in 1915 in Boston, Barbara “Babe” Paley belonged from childhood in a privileged world. When she appeared in society as debutante in1934 during the Great Depression, her exceptional beauty already made great impression. In 1938, she began working as a fashion editor for Vogue, the magazine gave her an aura of glamour and […]

Babe Paley

Formidable Endora

Agnes Moorehead’s spellbounding style…

Agnes Moorehead: style & spellbounding Agnes Moorehead was born just at the beginning of the previous century. She studied and gained a degree in literature which was quite an unusual asset in show business at the time. She first began a prolific radio career before joining the legendary Orson Welles’s group Mercury Theater. She acted for the boy […]