Blogging ?

My little blog has been very quiet for a while and I need to explain why. At present much of my time has been taken by building a art section to my website. I am still quite useless in website making so it is taking me a long time to get all the work, text etc…online! I have been painting, drawing and printmaking for many years, however in the past I always kept my makeup artist career and my art in ‘two different boxes’. I now think it is time to put all the work in my website. In the future there might be more art oriented blog posts too. I have worked on many body painting in film, advertising and editorial so I guess that is the link between art on paper, canvas and make-up. In the meantime if you want to have a look at my art you can do so here. The etching below is one of the first I ever did at the Slade School of Art in the print department. It was inspired by a picture I took on a photographic shoot in the Maldives and a beautiful circle of fishes in the aqua blue waters of the ocean.

                            Anne Marie x

'Maldivian Circle' - Limited edition print - Etching

Maldivian Circle
Limited edition print


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